About us

Welcome to the Solsons, besides publishing a fantastic NFT collection. We are focussing on having fun inside the NFT space. That's why we are creating a P2E Game in which people can play games that they used to enjoy as a kid. To make it even better, you will be rewarded with our very own donut token ($DNT) while playing these games. Will you travel back in time with us? Feel free to join our community.


Q4 2021 - Website + Minting

- Official website release - Presale members receive their free NFT - Public mint starts for 0.1 SOL each - Listing on Magic Eden - Invite contest winners receiving their rewards


Q4 2021 - Community DAO

This makes the Solsons a decentralized autonomous organization in which the Solson holder participates in making decisions. This will take place after the minting period.


Q4 2021 - $DNT Airdrop and Staking

Donut token ($DNT) will be used as utility token for The Solsons. Once the minting period is over, people will be able to stake their NFTs. When you staking your NFTs you will be rewarded in $DNT.


Q4 2021 - The Solsons NFT series

Because we love memories we present The Solsons NFT series where holders can be selected to have their NFT play in an episode.


Q1-Q2 2022 - P2E GAME

Donut Dungeon, a game where you play your favorite games that you used to play as a child. The in-game currency that can be earned and spent is $DNT.


Q3 2022 - SOON

Coming soon...


Why The Solsons?

I have been obsessed with cartoon movies all my life, it was a big part of my childhood. Most NFT projects launching these days have cool art but there is no actual story or reason behind the art. I have been working on The Solsons because I wanted to make NFTs that not only look sick but also carry a story. We bring your childhood memories back in one piece of art.

When is the public sale?

The public sale is on 14 November 2021 16:00 UTC, there will be 6000 NFTs for sale for a 0.1 SOL mint price.

Where are the NFTs getting listed after the minting period?

The NFTs will be listed on Magic Eden, this platform is easy to use and trader-friendly. Our next step is to get listed on Solanart, we will try to accomplish this within one month.

How can I mint a Solson?

Download Phantom wallet (Google extension), make an account, and save your seed phrase. Make sure to deposit some Solana into your Phantom wallet. Our mint price is 0.1 SOL please make sure to get a bit more to cover transaction fees otherwise your transaction will be canceled. 13 November you will be able to mint your Solson.